Want to know more about FBS?

FBS.NET started out as Florida Business Solutions, Inc. in 1988. Specializing in accounting software, office automation and networking, we have served several industries over the years including wholesale & distribution, retail, construction, legal, insurance and electronic security. Our primary product lines were Data Pro Accounting Software, Novell NetWare and SCO Unix. These days, we still sell and support Data Pro Accounting Software but most of our networking implementatons are Windows or Linux. We have maintained a reputation for delivering solid solutions built around some of the industry's top products.

In 1996, Data Pro introduced their Infinity COMMERCE family of products. These products bring high-end Internet commerce within the reach of any business. This landmark product prompted us to re-focus the mission of our own company. We changed the name to Future Business Solutions, Inc. and invested heavily in the skills and tools to position ourselves as one of the premier vendors of advanced accounting and electronic commerce systems.

A large part of that investment was the building of our own data center. Built in 1998 specifically for the hosting of mission critical e-commerce web sites, our data center was constructed with a "no compromise" approach, using only top shelf hardware and software. We offer amenities not available from hosts many times our size. Our servers are all telco grade, rack mounted systems, not cheap consumer grade PCs. Our server room has its own independent HVAC system, a hard-wired UPS system, a 60 KVA diesel generator and Inergen fire suppression.

FBS.NET offers a complete range of IT services including email and web hosting, collocation, onsite and remote tech support and web design through our partner, First Touch Tech.