Email Filtering

FBS.NET offers its customers an optional Email Filtering Service.  This service is included free of charge on all email accounts.  For those of you with your own domain, the service can be added for an additional $19.95 per month per domain.  Price includes up to 100 email addresses and / or aliases, and one Spam Viewer (see below).  Additional email addresses and / or aliases are billed at $0.60 per month each.

The spam filter, traps all known spam and virus messages and holds them for seven days.  Trapped mail is automatically and permanantly deleted after seven days.  With each filtered domain, you get one Spam Viewer.  Spam Viewer is a web based utility that allows the owner of the domain to look at trapped spam and release selected messages to the intended recipient.  If you prefer, you can opt for multiple Spam Viewers, allowing each user in your domain to view and manage his or her own spam.  The price for this service is $49.95 per month per domain and it includes up to 100 email addresses and / or aliases and up to 10 Spam Viewers.  As with the single Spam Viewer account, additional email addresses and / or aliases are billed at $0.60 per month each.  Additional Spam Viewers are billed at $2.00 per month each.  FBS.NET has opted for a single Spam Viewer for our own domain.  Multiple Spam Viewers are only available if you have your own domain.  If you suspect that a legitimate email to your address has been trapped, let us know and we will be happy to search for it in our Spam Viewer and release it to you, if is there.

And now for the disclaimers.  Elements of this service are being provided by one or more other companies so it is outside the direct control of FBS.NET.  Therefore, FBS.NET accepts no responsibility for any disruption of your email, resulting from your decision to use this service.  Further, FBS.NET cannot guarantee the accuracy of the system's detection of junk mail and viruses.  Our internal testing indicates that the system eliminates over 95% of spam and viruses but every email account is unique and your results may vary.  Finally, you should not rely on this service as your sole defense against viruses.  Always run a quality anti virus program and keep it up to date.

As stated above, if your email address ends in, then your mail is already being filtered.  There is nothing you need to do to enable or activate the service.  If you would like this service added for your own domain, please use this form.  Service will be activated within 48 hours.