Scheduled Maintenance Program

Is your tape backup working every night? Are you sure? When was the last time you restored a file or group of files from your backups? What about your UPS systems? Will they really keep your systems running when the power goes off? How about your anti-virus software? Is it running on EVERY computer in your office? Are the virus definitions up to date? And speaking of up to date, are you sure all those Windows Updates are getting installed promptly? And what about your Internet connection? Is is secure? Or is it an open door to any hacker that comes along? If you are like most businesses, you probably can't answer "yes" to most of these questions. That is where our Scheduled Maintenance Program (SMP) comes in. With SMP, you will know for certain that all these issues and more have been properly addressed.

So what is the Scheduled Maintenance Program, you ask? Simply put, it is peace of mind regarding your data processing investment - your computers, networking equipment and Internet services. While servicing the computer needs of Central Florida businesses over the last 20 years, we have learned three important lessons. First, we have learned that most of our customers just want to run their businesses, not worry about IT issues. While larger firms have their own in-house IT staff, many small to medium sized businesses don't and they typically rely on the most computer literate person in the company to take care of everything, in addition to his/her regular duties. While this may look like a good way to go at first glance, experience has shown us that many of the day to day tasks get done sporadically or not at all. Second, we have learned that most computer and network problems can be averted with just a little preventive maintenance. Third, we have observed that our most satisfied customers are the ones that have us handling ALL their computer and Internet related needs. This eliminates that old "the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing" scenario that is so common in firms where there are two, three or more technology companies involved - each supplying part of the customer's overall IT solution. So we have tailored our Scheduled Maintenance Program to encourage customers to turn all their IT worries over to us so they can concentrate on their business, not computer problems. Here's the details of our SMP offering.


  • One complimentary preventive maintenance visit per month - Once each month, at at time you specify, we will come to your office to verify proper operation of your data backups, test your UPS systems, make sure your anti virus software is working and up to date, verify that all relevant Windows updates and patches are installed and answer any questions that you may have.  If you prefer, we can make this a virtual visit, done after hours, to avoid reboots and other disruptions during your work day.
  • Reduced hourly rate - While our standard rate for on-site service is $150 per hour, SMP customers pay only $75 per hour for any service calls over and above the one free visit each month.  Additionally, SMP customers are billed in quarter hour increments with no minimum billing.  Others are billed in quarter hour increments as well but there is a one hour minimum per visit.
  • No trip charges - Typically, a $1 per mile trip charge is billed for all onsite visits.  But this charge is waived for SMP customers.
  • Priority scheduling - SMP customers will always be serviced before non SMP customers  Service requests from SMP customers are typically responded to same day if we are called before noon and on the following business day if called after noon.
  • After hours support - SMP customers will be able to reach a tech for support 24 hours a day.  Additionally, after hours visits will be billed at the same rate as business hours visits.  Non SMP customers will be billed at a higher rate for night or weekend visits.
  • Discounted Internet services - 10% of your SMP fee will be credited toward the price of any Internet services purchased from FBS.NET.  We don't require you to use our Internet services but we are making it very cost-effective for SMP customers to do so.  It is much easier to troubleshoot Internet problems if you are not using another ISP.  Free domain registration (one domain) is also included.
  • Free spam filtering - SMP customers receive complimentary Premium Spam Filtering on one domain (up to 100 email addresses / aliases) with one Spam Viewer.
  • Discounted Annual License Fees (Data Pro Accounting Software customers only) - SMP customers that use Data Pro Accounting Software will receive a 10% discount on their Annual License Fees.  To get this discount, you must purchase your Annual License Renewals from FBS.NET.
  • On-site warranty - All equipment purchased from FBS.NET will be treated as on-site warranty during the manufacturer's warranty period.  Typically, the manufacturer's warranty only covers their parts and labor expenses.  Any time we spend diagnosing the problem or replacing failed parts would normally be billable.  But not for SMP customers.  As long as the equipment is purchased from FBS.NET, you will have no repair bills for as long as the manufacturer's warranty lasts.
  • No contract required - Like every service sold by FBS.NET, this is not a contract.  It is a month-to-month service arrangement that you can cancel at any time.


  • All system hardware must be less than five years old.
  • All systems must be running an operating system that is still supported by the publisher.
  • All systems must have good quality anti virus software installed.
  • All systems must be powered via good quality, properly sized UPS units.
  • All servers must have fault tolerant disk subsystems (RAID) and reliable backup systems.
  • All sites must have high-speed Internet access with VPN firewall to allow secure remote access.
  • All invoices must be paid by the due date.


  • Sites with at least one dedicated server are billed each month at a rate of $100 per server and $25 per workstation.
  • Sites without a dedicated server (peer to peer networks) are billed each month at a rate of $50 per workstation.
  • All sites are billed a one-time activation fee, equal to two times the monthly SMP fee.  This covers the initial site survey and any work needed to bring the site up to our minimum standards for SMP.  It does not cover the cost of any additional hardware or software needed to meet the Prerequisites (above).
  • 10% of the SMP fee is credited back each month, exclusively to offset the cost of any Internet services purchased from FBS.NET during that same month.
  • The monthly fee is due before the first day of the month to be covered.  If payment is not received before the first of the month, all benefits are suspened until payment is received.

The Scheduled Maintenance Program will reduce emergency service calls, stabilize your support costs and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your IT infrastructure is safe and secure.  We look forward to discussing how the Scheduled Maintenance Program from FBS.NET can improve your business.