Web Hosting

FBS.NET offers Central Florida's fastest, most reliable and secure web hosting. Our web servers are all telco grade rack mounted systems that are protected by a secure firewall. We monitor all hosted sites contiuously and offer WebTrends reporting. We have SSL encrypted servers for commerce needs, and of course, can host your fully integrated commerce site built around Data Pro's Infinity COMMERCE system.

We offer shared server hosting (many customers' sites on each machine) on both the Sun Ultra Sparc / Solaris and Intel / Windows 2003 platforms. For demanding applications and web developers, we offer dedicated servers (your sites only). These servers are just like our shared servers but built to your specifications. Sun Ultra Sparc and Intel platforms are available. Call us for a quote on a sever designed to meet your specific needs.


Basic or FTP
Setup: $50

  • 25MB of storage
  • 2GB/Month Bandwidth
  • HTML
Setup: $50

  • 50MB of storage
  • 3GB/Month Bandwidth
Database Driven
Setup: $50

  • 100MB of storage
  • 5GB/Month Bandwidth
  • Cold Fusion, ASP/ASP.NET with database
DataPro Infinity Commerce
Setup: $50

  • 100MB of storage
  • 10GB/Month Bandwidth
  • Integrated Accounting / E-Commerce