FBS.NET operates its own state of the art data center and offers a full range of colocation services. Data center ammenities include:

  • Secure, access-controlled concrete block building
  • Continuous power via APC Symmetra UPS and Spectrum Detroit Diesel generator
  • Climate-controlled environment with HEPA air filtration
  • Inergen clean agent fire suppression system
  • 24 hour access available
  • Multiple Internet backbone connections from multiple providers, full BGP4 routing
  • Carrier neutral - buy bandwidth from us or bring in your own
  • All fiber optic telco transport services - no copper lines
  • Free Domain Name Service
  • Free SMTP Mail Service
  • Optional CheckPoint Firewall Protection

There are two components to pricing colocation services; rack space and bandwidth. Rack space is sold in 1.75" units (Us) of vertical space in a standard 19" rack cabinet. For those of you with more equipment, there are price breaks for 1/4, 1/2 and full racks.

At FBS.NET we bill for bandwidth a little differently than most data centers. We prefer to give you full, unthrottled access to all the bandwidth we have and bill you for what you actually use each month. This keeps you from having to guess how much bandwidth you need in advance and run the risk of guessing low (resulting in sluggish performance) or guessing high (and paying for more bandwidth than you need). It also allows you to burst for short durations (such as after an ad campaign) without having to commit to a larger amount of bandwidth for a full month (or longer). Each public interface on your server must allow gathering of SNMP data. This data and a program known as MRTG will tell us exactly how much bandwidth you are using. Click here to see an example of the MRTG report. We base your charges on the Monthly Graph and statistics. We just add the Average In and Average Out numbers and bill according to the table below. Customers with multiple servers will be billed for their aggregate bandwidth usage and are encouraged to use private interfaces for all inter-server communications.

While we think our burstable bandwidth option is the way to go, we recognize that some customers need a fixed price they can budget for each month. So we offer fixed bandwidth pricing as well.

Rack Space Charges

DescriptionMonthly Charge
Per Unit (1.75" Vertical)$30.00
1/4 Rack (11U)$300.00
1/2 Rack (22U)$500.00
Full Rack (44U)$800.00

Burstable Bandwidth Charges

Average Bandwidth UtilizationMonthly Charge
Less Than 32Kbits/sec$100.00
32Kbits/sec - 64Kbits/sec$200.00
64Kbits/sec - 128Kbits/sec$300.00
128Kbits/sec - 256Kbits/sec$400.00
256Kbits/sec - 512Kbits/sec$500.00
512Kbits/sec - 1.0Mbits/sec$600.00
Above 1.0Mbits/sec$600.00 per 1.0Mbits/sec

Fixed Bandwidth Charges

Maximum BandwidthMonthly Charge